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:: Floyd McDonald, Hunter

I value the Nevada Outdoors because I love being out here with my family, but I am not sure how to communicate that value to our lawmakers. 

*Floyd McDonald, Henderson Sportsman, Plumbers & Pipefitters 525. 

:: Nevada Fact:
Nevada has 30,000 members of the National Rifle Association, and 10,000 of those Nevada NRA members are Democrats.


:: Nevada Fact:
Las Vegas is a favorite location for the annual NSSF SHOT Show - that's the Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show that had 1.600 manufactures exhibiting and nearly 20,000 attending in 2005.

*Webmasters note: Floyd McDonald taught me the basics of gun safety, shooting, handloading, and ballistics in the late 1950's during uncountable Sundays trips into the desert in Southern Nevada.  The photo was taken in 1957 during a camping trip at Mountain Springs.  Floyd and Cleo's son, Herman, married my sister Kathleen in 1964 and they remain so today, giving me three nephews and one niece, and now seven grand-nieces and nephews.  Floyd never missed a deer season and practiced every week for that one shot in the fall.   

Well Floyd, one way to get the message across is to measure the monetary value of the Nevada Outdoors ... let's give it a try.

The Washington DC based Congressional Sportsman's Foundation gives us the following:  In 2001 Nevada had 47,000 Hunters and 172,000 Anglers who spent $430 million dollars.  That spending supported 5,200 Nevada jobs, $142 million in Salaries and Wages, $29 Million in State Tax Revenue, $637 million Ripple Effect on the Nevada economy.  Sportsmen support more jobs in Nevada than the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino (5,209 jobs vs. 4,500).

The Nevada Wildlife Federation backs up those estimates saying that in 2001 there were 219,000 participants in hunting and angling generating $351 million and an additional 543, 000 wildlife watchers generating another $250 million in Nevada.

... and the figures above don't include Nevada's huge OHV community, calculated at $4.25 Billion impact in 2002 in neighboring Arizona! 

Outdoor Recreation is Big Business in Nevada! 

Let our Legislature know the facts! 

Photo is Carson City in the Fall from the Nevada Legislative photo page.