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Questions:  Why is Harry Reid the most important lawmaker in the U.S. Senate for Sportsmen?  And why did Reid received campaign contributions from both the Safari Club International and the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund in 2004? 

Answer: Because only Harry Reid has the stature and the independence to oppose lawmakers who would attack the rights held by law-abiding Nevada citizens.  He has done it and he will keep on doing it.  The man from Searchlight keeps his promises. 

   For Nevada Gun Owners, let's set the record straight on the AWB:  In 1993 Senator Reid was a relative novice in the US Senate.  Bill Clinton was a new Democratic President in the White House and Democrats were enjoying much success in their legislative agenda.  As any new Senator might, Reid had hopes to move up through the Democratic ranks and establish his ability to represent Nevada through legislative leadership in the majority Democratic Senate.  (Reid is now the Senate Minority Leader and the most powerful Nevada representative to ever serve in the U.S. Congress.) But in 1993 when an amendment to the Crime Bill was offered and cosponsored by leading Senate Democrats, Harry Reid voted NO.  That amendment was the Assault Weapons Ban that was added to the Crime Bill by a vote of 56 to 43 (and 1 not voting). 

   Eight Democratic Senators voted NO against the AWB Amendment in 1993, and that NO vote included BOTH of Nevada's Democratic Senators - Reid and Bryan.  Ten Republican Senators voted YES on the Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban Amendment in 1993 and attached it to the hugely popular Crime Bill that was passed into law in 1994 by a Senate vote of 95/4/1 that included 40 Republican Senators voting YES. This AWB ban terminated on September 13, 2004. 

   So before the lessons of the 1994 elections, before the AWB issue was proven a looser for Democrats across the nation, before the outrage that has now become a keystone of partisan politics for sportsmen, in 1993 Harry Reid voted NO to banning guns and YES for sportsmen's rights.  Go here to see the Congressional record on that Amendment vote: Feinstein Amdt. No. 1152. 

   On March 22, 2004 a similar vote attached a renewal of the AWB to the most important legislation for the gun industry this decade: the gun liability bill S.1805.  Senator Reid had given his support to this bill and had led Democrats to get enough votes to make the bill filibuster-proof in the Senate.  This legislation would have prevented third party nuisance lawsuits when firearms were used illegally.  U.S. gun manufacturers and distributors have to defend their lawful business actions against claims that they should be responsible for the illegal behavior of criminals who use firearms.  That's like suing General Motors if a criminal robs a bank and drives off in a Chevy.  It's not only a nuisance, it's nonsense, and it costs the industry millions that must eventually be passed on to sportsmen. 

   S.Amdt. 2637 would have renewed the AWB.  Harry Reid and four other Democrats voted NO on the AWB renewal, but the amendment passed when eight Republican Senators, guided by President Bush's promise to sign the firearms ban if it was placed on his desk, voted yes to ten more years of gun banning.  You can check the Congressional Record on the votes.  Because the amendment to extend the AWB was successful, the tort reform that would have protected the lawful commerce of American gun manufactures and distributors lost.  Reid once again voted for sportsmen's rights by voting NO on the amended bill. 

Our rights as sportsmen and women are too important to give them over to any one political party.  We can't win half the time and secure those rights. 

A personal note from Nevada Senator Harry Reid to the NODC June 11, 2004: 

"With the formation of the Nevada Outdoor Democratic Caucus, you have filled a challenging role to organize outdoor enthusiasts and to educate political candidates on issues that for too long have been dominated by Republican candidates.

Nevada offers outdoor recreation opportunities ranging from fishing and hunting to hiking and camping. These activities may initiate differences regarding resource and land use policies and responsible gun ownership rights. The NODC stands to reconcile these conflicts through grassroots organizing and advocacy.

As you validate responsible gun ownership, I appreciate your passion and ability to formulate a strong argument on behalf of gun owners everywhere. I laud your mission to substantiate and inform your membership about these issues, whether they are elected officials or constituents." ... Harry Reid        

Some of Harry Reid's record on rights legislation: 

  • 2003 Cosponsor of S1805 “Gun Liability Bill” to protect the lawful manufacturers of firearms in America.  Voted against the Feinstein Semi-auto Ban amendment to S1805.  Rated 100% on this key legislation by the NRA. Reid's leadership made this legislation filibuster proof, but it was later killed by amendments opposed by Reid but supported by eight anti-gun Republicans.  This bill will return, probably after the 2004 elections.  Reid's Democratic leadership will be continue to be critical to pass this legislation.

  •  Reid lead the Senate Democrats in June 2004 passing H.R.218  "National Cop Carry" that now allows active and honorably retired  Law Enforcement Officers to be armed nationwide to defend against terrorism and violent criminals.

  • Voted against the Hatch-Craig gun control attack on the Second Amendment.

  • Voted against the Boxer amendment that would have federalized trigger locks. 

  • Voted in favor of the Smith “Anti-Brady” Amendment to prevent taxing and registration of gun owners. 

  • Voted against the Durbin Amendment that would have made it a Federal Crime to keep a gun unlocked and loaded for personal protection in the home. 

  • Voted against gutting the Smith Amendment and in favor of protecting important gun owners’ rights. 

  • Cosponsor of S1414 to “Repeal the D.C. Gun Ban” and restore Second Amendment rights to the citizens of our Nation’s Capital. 

  • Supports arming our commercial and cargo pilots to defend against terrorists

 REID - Independent like Nevada.

  • Reid's Seniority and Leadership in the Senate and among Senate Democrats

  • Reid's values reflects Nevada's values

  • REID is winning for Nevada - go to the REID Senate page and check what Harry Reid has done for your area of Nevada.  It's on the map on the first page there. 


    Webmaster Note: The REID Senate page won one of only three prestigious 2003 Congressional Online Gold Mouse Awards for excellence.  Read what they had to say about the REID page: Senator Harry Reid (D-NV)  If you want to learn how to create an exciting two-way dialogue between citizens and your Member, look no further than Senator Harry Reid's Web site. Senator Reid has created a very clearly written, interactive Web site that builds strong online relationships with his constituents. To accomplish this, the Web site includes:

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Washington, D.C. – Senator Harry Reid announced today that $15 million from the Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act Special Account has been allocated to begin the construction of the Clark County Shooting Range. 

The shooting range was recognized by a community-based working group as one of the highest priorities for expenditures of the Special Account.  The U.S. Secretary of the Interior will review the working group recommendations this summer.

"I appreciate the support that this important project has received from shooting enthusiasts, sportsmen, the BLM and other Nevadans,” said Reid.  “I am glad the working group saw fit to recommend the shooting range for funding.”

In 2002, Congress approved Reid's legislation to dedicate 2880 acres of public land for a public shooting range, sports park and firearms training facility in Clark County.  Reid championed the cause in response to the rapid loss of safe, traditional shooting areas due to rapid urbanization of the Las Vegas Valley.  Passage of Reid's legislation, which enjoyed the bipartisan support of Senator Ensign, Congressman Gibbons and Congresswoman Berkley, led the Bureau of Land Management to transfer ownership of the land for the shooting range to Clark County.

“As the Las Vegas area continues to grow, so does the need for a shooting range to serve as a world class facility for sportsmen’s groups, law enforcement training, and general recreational purposes.  This Special Account funding comes at a critical time and will help make this shooting range a reality," Reid added.