Nevada Outdoor Democratic Caucus

An affiliate of the Nevada State Democratic Party


Who:  We are Nevada Democrats who support and speak out for citizen's rights in hunting, shooting, fishing, wildlife conservation, OHV, 4x4, ATV, motorcycles, hiking, camping, and all things to use, but never abuse, our great Nevada Outdoors. 

The NODC is affiliating now with County Chapters of the Nevada State Democratic Party.

What: Inform the public and influence Democratic lawmakers, candidates, and the political process.  We promote Democratic candidates and help Democrats succeed in Nevada for Nevada. 

From our bylaws:  Recognizing the great Western heritage and history of the State of Nevada, we, the Nevada Outdoor Democratic Caucus (the “NODC”), seek to maximize the participation of Sportsmen and women, and all Nevada Outdoor Land users in the Democratic party as a powerful force in determining elections at all levels of the political process set forth here to contribute fully to an inclusive and effective Nevada Democratic Party. We shall raise our voices on issues that directly affect Sportsmen and women, and the Outdoor community, and thus, pledge our efforts to the progress of our State.

Where:  All of Nevada!  The NODC has members in every Nevada County and works to support, educate, and cooperate with Democrats across our great State.  We talk with Lawmakers about Sportsmen, and talk with Sportsmen about Democrats.  

When:  Now is the right time to join the NODC.  The NODC was founded as an affiliate of the Nevada State Democratic Party in December of 2003.  When the State Party reduced affiliations to match the DNC in 2006 the NODC began the processes to affiliate with 17 County Democratic chapters.  Meetings are the responsibility of the local Chapters and a statewide meeting may be called at the discretion of the NODC Chair.  The NODC does not endorse in primary elections. 

Why:  Because Nevada Democrats respect citizen's rights, and Nevada voters deserve the truth.  In the past Nevada Democratic candidates campaigned against opponents who would routinely accuse them of being anti-guns, anti-hunting, and therefore, anti-sportsmen and women.  They might be accused of favoring locking away our public lands or banning some rights of citizenship.  These allegations are partisan attacks.  The NODC was formed to give voice to Nevada Democrats that strongly support our rights as sportsmen and women.  These Nevada Democrats value our Western heritage and traditions.

The NODC is not anti-wilderness.  Wilderness areas are a part of wildlife conservation and provide hunting and fishing to sportsmen and women who can pack in.  Wilderness areas provide Nevada outfitters and guides with important work in rural Nevada. 

Please check the Nevada Outfitters and Guide's Association page and visit their web sites to see some of the outstanding hunting, fishing, and outdoor opportunities in our state.  Plan a trip with a guide to our Nevada Outdoors! 


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Outdoor sports and activities bring MILLIONS of dollars into the Nevada economy.  If you want more information be sure to check our FACTS PAGE.
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Senator Harry Reid's S.339 bill is now law and states rights to manage wildlife and issue big game tags is now protected.  See our News Page. 
:: Did you know ...
Nevada Democrats have a distinguished record of supporting the Outdoors.  Read about Nevada's Key Pittman and the Pittman - Robertson Act. 



Let's bring them home soon. 


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Don't miss our ELECTION 2010 Page - See the many Nevada Democratic Candidates who have signed up to support your rights and represent your values as Westerners for  Nevada.  These candidates deserve your support and your VOTE!

Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.


See the NODC 2010 Election Page for info on NODC Member Candidates running for election or re-election in Nevada 2010.  Let them know you are a Nevada Outdoor family and that you saw them here at the NODC web page.   

Nevada Democratic Leaders, Lawmakers, and members of the Nevada Outdoor Democratic Caucus, click on photos or names for links to their Office page: 



 Harry Reid, Majority Leader, U.S. Senate 




 Shelley Berkley, Congresswoman, Nevada Congressional District 1


 Dina Titus, Congresswoman, Nevada Congressional District 3



 Steve Horsford, NV Senate Majority Leader, Senate District 4 Clark



 John Lee, Asst. Majority Whip, Senate District 1 Clark 



David Parks, Senate District 7 Clark 



 Barbara Buckley, Speaker of the Nevada Assembly, Clark District 8 


Bernie Anderson, Majority Whip, Washoe 31 


 Kelvin Atkinson, Clark 17



 David Bobzien, Assembly Dist 24 Reno 



 Maggie Carlton, Senate District 2 Clark



 Jerry Claborn, Assembly District 19 Clark 



 Mo Denis, Assembly District 28 Clark  (and soon to be Senator District 2 Clark)

Joseph Hogan, Assembly District 10 Clark

Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Assembly District 1 Clark

Ellen Koivisto, Assembly District 14 Clark

Mark Manendo, Assembly District 18 Clark 

Kathy McClain, Assembly District 15 Clark


James Ohrenschall, Assembly Dist 12 Clark




Bonnie Parnell, Assembly District 40 Carson City/Washoe


 Debbie Smith, Assembly District 30, Washoe



 Ellen Spiegel, Clark 21




 Tom Collins, Clark County Commission "B"


 Chris Giunchigliani, Clark County Commission "E" 



 Rory Reid, Chairman, Clark County Commission, "G" 




Andy A. Hafen, Mayor, Henderson NV 



John J Cahill, Clark County Public Administrator

:: REID for NEVADA :: Democrats in the Legislature :: Nevada Shooters of Note

Nevada Senator Harry Reid is NODC Member #1, and Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate.   

Senator Reid successfully sponsored S.339 to return traditional authority to the States for Wildlife Management.  MORE at our Game Tags Page.  

Carson City in the Fall - every odd year the Nevada Legislature meets.  The NODC works with elected Democrats and all lawmakers on behalf of Nevada sportsmen and women.

The Nevada outdoors makes significant contributions to the economy.  More info on our FACTS PAGE.  

The UNR Wolf Pack Rifle Team is a top competitor in the NCAA every year  2005 Freshman Meghann Morrill from Verdi, Nevada was recently top shooter against the University of San Francisco. 

The Rifle team is often UNR's top winning sports team, producing All-American Athletes, with individual team members carrying a 3.0 grade point average.  See more about the UNR Rifle team at their Wolf Pack Rifle Team Home Page.